Friday, December 14, 2018

Hey, hey Medicine Makers!

In just under a month we'll be starting our only POC Herbal Freedom School/BIPOC Communiversity session for 2019. I’m excited to say that 19 people have applied and 14 have asked for scholarships or seats in the community-funded communiversity. The majority of these medicine makers of color are chronically ill, disabled and/or living below the poverty line.
I'm happy to say that almost 4 seats have been donated by accomplices and we need your help to raise enough to get another 6 or more amazing BIPOC a seat in the communiversity.
Those who donate $20 or more will get a copy of my new zine Medicina Liberadora (translated to Liberatory Medicine) which comes in a Spanish, English and Spanglish version. If you want a peek into what we do at the Herbal Freedom School…here’s your chance and you’ll get the zine before it’s released at the end of the year. (Be sure to send your email address after donating so you can get your copy).
Donate and give amazing BIPOC medicine makers the opportunity to be a part of the 6 month Herbal Freedom School/BIPOC Communiversity healing journey, where we’ll be exploring our medicine and rediscovering our power.
White folks, BIPOC- everyone has the opportunity to contribute!
Support the BIPOC Communiversity’s healing efforts and be an accomplice to our indigenous black and brown communities, and our two spirit, trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming communities because you really ARE supporting us in our healing and liberation. You really ARE making a difference by contributing to the co-creation of this sacred, healing space for indigenous black and brown medicine makers.

Send funds at or join us for the long haul, supporting us more long-term at
Go here to listen to new audio about the 2019 BIPOC Communiversity:…/bipoc-communiversity-campaign-2019
Email for a transcript.

Love and liberation,

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