Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Spring POC Herbal Freedom School/BIPOC Communiversity 2018

Hello, Hello Medicine Makers,

I'm writing from Borikén/ Puerto Rico where there's not a whole lot of connectivity and some spotty electricity but here I am with an announcement! Spring has arrived and there's exciting news about the Herbal Freedom School this season. We'll be having a 6 month POC Herbal Freedom School/BIPOC Communiversity and we're raising funds for seats. This will be the 3rd iteration of the communiversity and the 6 month online program will give us more time to go even further IN, with 1 month for each of the 6 lessons.

If you're BIPOC and would like to rock with us, apply here **before Sunday 4/8:

There will be a lottery-style drawing for the number of seats that are funded.

Our goal is to raise $3,000 which will cover 10 community- funded seats.

Please support us by making a contribution to our liberation here:

If you’d like to purchase a guaranteed seat, please apply and email for the registration link by 4/8. There will only be 10 seats in our 6 month program so don't sleep on this if this is what you've been waiting for! The next full 6 month program will be in 2019.

2 partial scholarships will be available for Spring 2018.

*Priority goes to those who have limited ability/ disabilities, those who are chronically ill and/or those who are living at or below the poverty line. If you’re interested in a partial scholarship, email

Join us and get Free this Spring!