Thursday, February 2, 2017

Resist! Join Part 1 of the Herbal Freedom School this February

[photo of a fierce black non-binary person wearing a straw hat with a raised machete in the mountains of Puerto Rico. Taken by Miyo at the QTPOC land project: Finca Flamboyánt]

In these times it's all about resistance, revolution and transformation and knowing you and your ancestors' medicine IS revolutionary. Come get liberated with us at the Herbal Freedom School.
Join our self-paced 6-week, pro-queer, trans, NB, GNC and POC-centered online knowledge share where you'll learn about liberatory medicine, decolonial health and healing and connect with traditional, ancestral healing traditions while connecting with your own medicine.
Register for the self-paced session now. There are only 10 seats and 2 partial scholarships for POC.
Register any time before 2/13. Begin as early as Friday 2/3.
Submit your application here:
*Stay tuned for more info about registration for the self-paced version of Part 2 beginning in March.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Support my journey to study ancestral medicine of the Afro-Caribbean/ QTPOC Land Project

Hello Fam! Hello communities!

Exciting news. I’m going to be studying ancestral medicine of the Afro-Caribbean and helping with a QTPOC land project in Puerto Rico from January –March 2017. While there I’ll continue to develop and design the School of Liberation Healing and Medicine and its Herbal Freedom School and Queering Herbalism/Queering Healing programs. In hopes of your support, until January 1st I will be selling 3 discounted collections of writings and compilations.

Warrior Healer Collection- (3 books/zines) Queering Herbalism 3rd edition, Herbal Freedom School volumes 1 and 2 (2nd edition) - $20  (save $10)

Liberatory Medicine Collection- (5 books) QH, HFS 1&2, Partnering with Plants, Liberatory Medicine Making/Liberatory Sustainability $35  (save $15)

Ultimate Liberation Healing collection- (7 books) QH, Queering Herbalism Encyclopedia Special Editions (Africa and African Diasporic edition, Women* Healers Feminine Healing Energy and Resistance), PWP, HFS 1&2, Liberatory Sustainability $65  (save $40)

Get them for yourself, gift them to others and stock up before January 1st.
And if you’ve already got these books,  you can still support by:
1) being a monthly sustainer of this work through Patreon at
2) Donating through Paypal to the email queeringherbalism [at] or at Square Cash.  

With your support I will be able to continue study and collaboration with elder and herbalist María Benedetti and other amazing folks doing healing work and provide support throughout my stay at the QTPOC land project Finca Flamboyánt.

Will you help me further this ancestral vision?

Liberation, Healing and Joy,


Monday, November 28, 2016

Join the Herbal Freedom School Fall Session

Hello folks!

Herbal Freedom School Fall Session will be offered again from November 29th- December 29th.
There's no application necessary for this session and it's self-paced through the last week of December with on-going enrollment.

Were you in the program for the very first Summer Session? You're invited to continue deepening on your liberatory medicine journey by taking the Fall Session for 50% off. Those who've been in the program before will see more exercises, new readings, and a few new videos.
Email for details.

Interested in one of the limited partial scholarships available? Email for info.
Register by 11/30 and get $15 off. Email for code.
Register soon, there are only 15 seats available.

Register here:

Friday, October 28, 2016

A Note on learning at the Herbal Freedom School

People from so many different backgrounds and awareness of healing knowledge come to the Herbal Freedom School and it can be a challenge to provide a space that engages everyone and has material that resonates with every single person 100% of the time. In fact, it's not possible. I stressed a lot about this in the Summer Session. I wanted this space to be everything for everyone all the time! After all, people paid to have this! I quickly found out how implausible (or maybe just misguided) this kind of thinking was. In a conversation with a fellow queer brown person and educator doing healing work I reflected on the School of Liberation Healing and Medicine (née School of Liberatory Medicine- lulz) and the Herbal Freedom School and what exactly it is we're trying to do here. Largely, because my friend brought up that some students were lamenting over the fact that there wasn't more medicine making.

At the Herbal Freedom School people are on a journey and there's a specific process or path. People really have to come to terms with the first few lessons before we get to the medicine making. I know many are always so keen to just begin making medicine and work with the physiological healing aspects but there's so much to unpack and unlearn- especially the ways we relate to our medicine, the energy we unconsciously put into our medicine, and our disconnect from our ancestral healing histories, medicine, knowledge and ways of being. But, people are so quick to want to know how to make a tincture or a salve, etc. I get it. They want something practical for right now. Though, that's not what the School of Liberation Healing and Medicine is about. Medicine making is a part later in our 12 week journey. (Or 6-week if you join during the 2nd part of the session.) Though you'll find aspects of it interweaved throughout because from the beginning we are partnering with plants by sitting and dreaming with them. There are many workshops out there with amazing folks and many books as well where folks can learn how to make oils, tinctures, salves and remedies. People have plenty of access to that information - and many times for free.

In the Herbal Freedom School we set a foundation defining terms like liberation, health and healing and liberatory medicine for ourselves and we sit with what anti-racist, decolonial healing looks like. We discuss the impact of colonization on our healing histories and medicine and these are the first steps in the journey of connecting back to our ancestors and our own medicine. Then we are able to move on to achieving a more in depth understanding of medicine and how the ceremony and rituals and spirituality of our ancestors is inseparable from the terms "medicine" and "healing". In the final part of our journey we are ready to strategize about our healing which brings us full circle to the first lesson in which participants are asked what they need to feel liberated, what they need to release in their lives and to begin healing.

It's understandable that different parts of the journey speak more loudly to different folks. We are all at different places on our path. The point is- in the Herbal Freedom School program there is a method and the journey that we take is not linear. It may seem so on the surface, but folks can quickly determine for themselves that it's not.

Folks can take this program over and over and it can be different every time because they are peeling back layer after layer and different parts resonate and they connect differently with the material each time. Also, the material is influenced and shaped by those in the program- the interactions and conversation in the discussion boards and the live online class sessions.
I tell folks in the beginning- this program is what you make of it. You can go really deep with it or you can go with the motions and put little effort in, only doing the minimal. While I'm somewhat a guide on the journey, I don't hold your hand or smack it with a ruler like some belligerent teacher if you don't "do the work." Only you can be the captain on the journey. It's your choice to connect or not and there's no shaming or guilt around what you are able to do. Rest assured- something will resonate if you come into the program with an openness, few expectations, and the will to connect with the medicine of our legacies.

The Winter Session will begin January 13th and we're taking applications through November 15th to be in the program. Once accepted enroll by November 28th. Now, this is Part 2 of the program and you can join in January even if you haven't been part of the Fall Session (Part 1). This is an experiment so we'll see how this goes. (See above discussion for why!)

You can enroll for Part 1 after November 21st and you'll have access to the material such as video and audio, readings, etc. but there won't be any live components or feedback on your reflections. It'll be self-paced and the online material will only be available through 12/26/16.
Apply and enroll early folks because there are a very limited number of seats.

Apply Here for Winter Session 2017:

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Support the Herbal Freedom School Program

     Support the Herbal Freedom School Program

Help co-create an anti-racist, decolonial space where we can share our histories and ancestral knowledge while centering indigenous, black, brown, queer, two-spirit, trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming communities.

Contribute monthly and you'll
help us to create:

- More video (class videos, interviews, and vlogs)
- Podcasts
- Live and pre-recorded knowledge shares  
- Programming on a more navigable platform
- Zines using material discussed in the program

In return, you'll get access to:

- Private posts about what's happening behind the scenes and upcoming knowledge shares,
- Video clips of interviews and exercises from the program
- Monthly e-zines 
- Access to the zine and video library and

- Seats in the Herbal Freedom School program

Find out more about the School:

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The School of Liberatory Medicine's Online Summer Herbal Freedom School Program begins July 1st

Hello! Happy Summer Solstice! 

In these first weeks of summer the School of Liberatory Medicine is opening it's doors.
In just a few weeks the Herbal Freedom School online program will begin.

Check out the Welcome video here.

The program will last 5 weeks from July 1, 2016- August 5, 2016.
Registration closes on July 8th and there are a limited number of seats.
The first 10 to sign up by July 1st will get $20 off (email queeringherbalism [at]gmail[dot]com for the discount code).
If you pre-paid for Queering Herbalism 2 (now the 4 volume Queering Herbalism Encyclopedia) email me for your discount code.

*Sliding scale is available, message me at queeringherbalism [at] gmail [dot] com to know more about this option. There are a limited amount of seats.
*If you don't have the means, please message me, there are a limited number of seats available to those who don't have the funds to participate.

Register at:

Register for Lesson 1 only at: Lesson 1 begins July 8th.

See you on your first day of Herbal Freedom School!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Liberatory Medicine, QTPOC Healing Histories, and Online Knowledge Shares

May has been a busy month. I returned from a few weeks in Puerto Rico building with some amazing co-visionaries: Maria Reinat-Pumarejo (Colectivo Ile- Africa en mi piel, Africa en mi ser), a phenomenal organizer and Raul Quinones Rosado (C-Integral), a liberation psychologist. Both do anti-racist trainings with PISAB and also facilitate Latino Challenges Toward Racial Justice workshops. We talked about anti-racism, liberation, colonialism in PR, decolonization, psychology, organizing, health and healing, and so much more. So needed and nourishing! I also got to spend some time with brilliant herbalist, organizer, and author Maria Benedetti of Botanicultura (FINALLY!) We ate and sang and she discussed her new novel, Dolores y Milagros. I also went to Finca FlamboyanT, a queer land project in Sabana Grande. It is a sanctuary, artist retreat and home with so many fruit trees and medicinal plants. Speaking of retreat- I stayed with Michelle of the Nietas de Nono in Patio Taller- another amazing artist retreat  space (and space for youth organizing and so much other amazing work) with a beautiful herb garden and fruit trees. Hers is located in Carolina. We shared such insightful conversation about community, organizing, art, herbs, you name it. I also hung out with some created family members who really helped me out when I was living in PR last year. Without them I would not have survived. En serio. I restocked my zines and added some new ones at La Chiwinha, a fair trade ecotienda in Rio Piedras. And last but not least, I revisited Casa Mucaro high in the mountains of Las Marias. This communal land houses musicians, puppeteers, and artists of many persuasions. I stayed there in 2014 and was able to really focus on the Queering Herbalism Encyclopedia and I did a talk for the Sistah Vegan Conference (organized by genius, diversity strategist, scholar and critical theorist Dr. Breeze Harper) "The Vegan Praxis of Black Lives Matter" entitled Transvisibility, Survival and Solidarity which was part of a joint talk “ALL Black Lives Matter: Exposing and Dismantling Transphobia and Heteronormativity in Mainstream Black ‘Conscious’.

Yes! My trip as inspiring as it sounds. I am so grateful for the amazing people in my life who are doing such tremendous work. My heart was so full. I was so nourished during my journey this month.

When I returned I began working on two new zines and I put together the Liberatory Medicine Collection which contains the 4 second edition volumes of your decolonial herbal favorites: Queering Herbalism 1, Herbal Freedom School 1 and 2, and the new Partnering with Plants guide. Through this Sunday 5/29 the collection which has a $40 value is $25.

You can purchase here:

Partnering with Plants is also only $5 through Sunday 5/29. Use the code: PWP2016. <3

You can email me at for sliding scale discounts on the collection or to barter/trade medicine, knowledge, techy skills, etc, etc...I really need help designing flyers, websites and online courses and on making audio and video courses more accessible to those with different abilities.

In June I will be at the Philly Trans Health Conference sharing on QTPOC healing histories and your purchases will partially go toward making that happen.

So what's this about online knowledge shares? Well, after much ado and some folks asking to be my "students" I decided to finally put together a little something online to see how it goes. A couple prototypes if you will. I won't reveal too much yet but I will say that one accompanies the Partnering with Plants guide and will be 4-6 weeks long and is a mini-program of sorts, while the other online knowledge share is a longer course- a full 3 month program- that explores all the volumes of the Queering Herbalism Encyclopedia. Ok. Cats out the bag. Hold me accountable to rolling these out this summer. Send me some messages and emails letting me know of your interest so I know all this hard work is going to resonate with some of you out there.

Well- I guess that's "it" for now. Be on the lookout this month for the mini-program/online knowledge share. I'm working on the flyer as we "speak". The registration page will be up soon.

Healing and Justice,