Thursday, November 13, 2014

Queering Herbalism 2 and Herbal Freedom School 3- Coming Soon

Just a quick note...

I've been working diligently on the content and structure for the next volumes of Queering Herbalism and Herbal Freedom School and I have to say I've been truly motivated and inspired by feedback, my new home and surroundings, and re-emerging interest in the first volume. I hope to have previews available by the first week of December and the new zines online before the new year. Luckily I've just gotten my computer back from the repair depot in awesome condition and that's no longer a barrier. If I could just get my hands on a decent printer/copy machine and ink and toner I would be in the best shape. Til then, copy shops and e-books!

Speaking of best shape...

I have so much gratitude for my friends who have shown an overwhelming amount of support through my illness by sending me wellness packages of herbs and salves and linimients, vitamins, and natural mosquito repellant. I never knew that community care could look like this. A circle of friends as your health insurance? As in, actually ensuring your health. I am so grateful and it has opened my eyes to what our communities are capable of when it comes to supporting each other's well-being, whether that is emotional, psychological, physical, or spiritual. Though many of my friends are struggling we try to find ways to be there for each other in whatever ways we can. And that's what truly matters. A phone call. A care package. An uplifting e-mail. A text to check-in. Even with a handful of friends, this goes a long, long way.


I can't wait for ya'll to see the new volumes. They are natural next editions, reflecting a deepening and asking you all to journey deeper into plant medicine and the wisdom of black and brown ancestors. We will be walking further away from "modern western herbalism" as there are enough texts concerning this and we will be deepening our connection to healing practices, spirituality, and cultural and historical context, and the stories behind different traditions' relationship to plants. And yes, more information about queer healers and queerness and healing.