Thursday, June 23, 2016

The School of Liberatory Medicine's Online Summer Herbal Freedom School Program begins July 1st

Hello! Happy Summer Solstice! 

In these first weeks of summer the School of Liberatory Medicine is opening it's doors.
In just a few weeks the Herbal Freedom School online program will begin.

Check out the Welcome video here.

The program will last 5 weeks from July 1, 2016- August 5, 2016.
Registration closes on July 8th and there are a limited number of seats.
The first 10 to sign up by July 1st will get $20 off (email queeringherbalism [at]gmail[dot]com for the discount code).
If you pre-paid for Queering Herbalism 2 (now the 4 volume Queering Herbalism Encyclopedia) email me for your discount code.

*Sliding scale is available, message me at queeringherbalism [at] gmail [dot] com to know more about this option. There are a limited amount of seats.
*If you don't have the means, please message me, there are a limited number of seats available to those who don't have the funds to participate.

Register at:

Register for Lesson 1 only at: Lesson 1 begins July 8th.

See you on your first day of Herbal Freedom School!